Boredom takes over my life…
August 19, 2010, 12:04 pm
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So yeah. I’m lying here, on my couch, watching My Wife and Kids, with my dog lying on my arse. ¬¬
I think this may be the most boring day in my holidays I have came across, in a long while…

Still waiting for my Kanekalon hair to get here in the post. I was really hoping that maybe they would’ve sent it a little earlier or something. D:

I neeeeeeeeeeeed to go back to school! You won’t hear me saying that often, but it’s true…


Screw it.

Mel, yer little faggot.
August 18, 2010, 4:44 pm
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, cause i AM a little faggot, you know, i keep apologising. and i shouldn’t! It’s not my fault I have a life! no, i joke.

Wow, its weird to think the last time I commented, I was half was through my year 10. I’m going into year 11 now, how freaky.

O.o So i decided i’m gonna bash forums and wordpress tonight, to try and get everything finished. I have a tendancy of doing that, starting stuff and never finishing it. I guess I don’t have very much patience. O.o

Watch out for my Youtube videos! I might post tonight, depends what mood i’m in.

Annnyway, sorry for double post. I’m just bored. See, you can’t win with me! I’m either posting far too less than i should or far to much. Stop being ungrateful!

I’ve also noticed i say anyway far too many times.

slap me if i do?

Yeeeeee Bruv!
August 18, 2010, 4:19 pm
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I need to update more. I know, i’m sorry, its been like nearly a year since i’ve updated! Well, exageration, but you know. It’s cause I got my GCSE’s now, so it’s alot harder, but don’t worry, ill be updating alot more now. Thats a promise!
Soo, yeah. Awesomes. I’ve signed up to like 20 million forums, honnest. O.o It just never ends.

Well, I have a new youtube account now anyway, where I will be posting videos shortly.
Also, a new member on the HairExtentions forum ^^

Just about to get my kanekalon hair in the post so I can make my synthetic dreads. Hopefully, they will come before Saturday, so I can crack on with them.
For now, add me on my facebook plezthx.
Melisa Smith 😀
Cin a biz ma homies!

Long time, no see?
December 19, 2009, 2:43 pm
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Haider ;D Sorry about the no posting in a while. Since september? OMG, didn’t know it was that long! Well, i’ve kinda been busy… er… with school? Nah, the true reason is that I actaully just forgot. My fanfic has also been neglected, which I feel bad about too. But with my laptop back in my hands, after having it taken off me for soo long. Which means I will be updating alot now, maybe even posting some moor chapters of 100,000 words of nothing, my twilight fanfic ExB.

September 5, 2009, 12:03 pm
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I’m sorry about my last post. That was a bunch of crap Lol. So right now, I’m having a big stress. I haven’t had the internet for the past weeks, and so there was alot of stuff I needed to catch up on. Especially this! And Fanfiction… I have half a story that I need to upload, and it wouldn’t let me last night. I might try again tomorrow. Msn is not letting me on either, which I feel like crying about. I haven’t spoke to my friends in soo long =(
Let’s look on the bright side, I have school on Monday! Oh no wait, that aint a good thing. =/ Although, this summer has been so freaking slow and boring, I almost can’t believe it. I haven’t been out anywhere with my friends, which is hard to emagine, I know. We used to go out every single saturday to the same place, but it just doesn’t happen anymore. Oh well…
Happy late birthday Liv! We went the cinemas and watched The Final Destination. We so totally got in for a 15… well… I kinda am turning 15 in 38 days so… but thats not the point! We went to MacDonalds n then decided we were going to watch another film lol. We tried to get into The Ugly Truth, but they wouldn’t let us. (Yup, another 15) I don’t see why! I soooo look older than 15! Or that’s what i’ve been told. xD

How long do I have to wait?
August 24, 2009, 10:21 am
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Okay, so it’s Monday morning and i’m sooo tired. My neigbours are decorating their bathroom, which is directly next to mine. They like to start early, like the idiots they are, so now i’m up. Well, it is nearly 11, but right now is when I should be getting up, not at half seven!